About Us


With over thirty years’ experience in Packaging Industry primary for closures, we are the  leader and the perfect partner for the provision of complete aluminum cap manufacturing solutions, tailor-made to suit specific market requirements. Having a sole provider for the entire production line is a key competitive advantage, and with us, this plus is amplified by the fact that our skills extend well beyond the machines and processes.

Sarswati Enterprises provides machinery and complete plants for the ROPP Caps and closures to be used in Pharma & Liquior sectors – markets in which it is a recognized worldwide leader. Its strength lies in the application of innovative technology, and its commitment to research and development.

Our policy is designed to consistently provide quality through every aspect of our business, ultimately providing products to the highest quality level to the clients and encompassing Quality Management.

Company provides efficient support and services all over the world thanks to all the clients with fast, effective, direct service. Our values are reflected in the way we do business, always acting legally and honestly with respect both for our own people and those we do business with.

The Packaging Division, through its Business Units, provides customers with both individual machines and complete “turn-key” plants, offering a vast range of packaging solutions covering machineries for production of  various dimensions of ROPP Caps including embossed (side/top embossed) caps.

Our facility has been developed over decades of doing business and is now equipped with cutting-edge material testing, calculation and manufacturing simulation tools/equipment which implies today we can deliver the products as per the customers requirement which leads to his complete satisfaction. We will make sure that you pick the product that is best suited for your needs, and always deliver on time. We are  dedicated to be the solution for all our customers’ packaging needs.

Customer orientation is motivation for our creativity

Ever since the foundation of our company it has been our target to make the work of our customers easier and more successful. Customer benefit in mind  has been the key for our success. To achieve this we have to understand our customers. We communicate a lot, watch their markets and tailor our product and service portfolio accordingly. Together with our customers we develop well engineered products and technical solutions which secure their leading market position.

Confidence towards customers, employees and suppliers

We highly esteem proven and longterm relations. A good cooperation with our suppliers reflects in benefits to our customers as well. We are not keen in short-time actions just for profit reasons.

Good relations can be achieved by living a respectful and fair partnership. Together we are driven by the same motivation: sustainable success. Therefore we include our customers, employees and partners in our decision making processes  and sharpen their understanding for responsible and constructive critics.

To optimize the total costs we concentrate not only on quality, flexibility and reliability but also on dialogue. Transparency creates trust and is the basis for all good partnerships. That’s why we respect each other at the same level.

We work hard every day to improve ourselves. Together we search for solutions to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers and finally we can share our common success.